Welcome to CCF

Welcome to the Center for Culture and Freedom, a research center at The Institute of World Politics in Washington, D.C. 

CCF pursues academic research and promotes broad spectrum discourse on the subjects of cultural engagement, citizen diplomacy, and the importance of integrated strategic planning in the face of ever evolving international events and national security concerns.  Together with scholar practitioners, graduate student researchers, and knowledgeable specialists, CCF endeavors to support open forums for discussing world events and how they affect the United State’s foreign and domestic interests.

With this, we work closely with various academicians and fields of study, many knowledgeable organizations and individuals, and champion the concept of an open forum for the experienced and inexperienced to share ideas and concepts.

While CCF conducts specific research on five global regions of conflict, the overarching goal is to understand the core elements of world cultures, the effects of conflict and instability on these cultures, and potential methods for supporting cultural stability as a means towards preventing conflicts around the world.